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Top 11 Best 28 Inch Snow Blowers in 2022 [December Update]

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  Dec 8, 2022 5:21 PM

In this article, we at SfCutters Reviews will discuss 11 of the best 28 inch snow blowers currently available in 2022.

The following table compares and rates all product versions to help you make an informed choice:

Top 11 Best 28 Inch Snow Blowers in 2022

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Which is preferable, a snow blower with one stage or two stages?
Both single-stage and two-stage snow throwers are effective in removing snow all the way down to the pavement when used on surfaces that are smooth. On the other hand, if your driveway and pathways are made of gravel, a two-stage snow thrower is the best option for you since it allows you to adjust the height of the skid shoes to the optimal clearing height for your needs.

How long is the recommended lifespan of a snowblower?
If they are maintained properly and on a regular basis, snow blowers have the potential to survive for many years, even decades. Different kinds of snow blowers require different kinds of maintenance, and whether you have a single stage or a Two Stage Snow Blower will determine which kind of maintenance you need to perform.

Which snow blower is the most intuitive to operate?
Snow throwers with a single stage are the ones that weigh the least and are the simplest to use. Because they are able to manage both light and wet snow, they are best suited for cleaning medium-sized areas that have received less than 12 inches of snowfall. Snow may be thrown as far as 35 feet using a single-stage snow blower, which uses an auger to guide the snow through a discharge chute.

Does engine size influence Snowblower?
Single-stage snow throwers with engines that are 205cc or greater may remove heavy and wet snow, but if the snow is sufficiently saturated, the throw distance will be limited to just a few feet. It's possible that snow throwers with less powerful engines won't even be able to get it out of the chute. In addition, the greatest amount of snow that can be removed by a single pass with a single-stage snow thrower is between 6 and 8 inches.

What exactly is a snow blower that has three stages?

A snow blower of the single-stage kind only has one collection auger, whereas a snow blower of the two-stage variety has two collection augers that collaborate with an impeller. On the other hand, the three-stage snow blower has a third high-speed auger that rotates 10 times faster than the impeller on the standard snow blower.

After utilizing the snow blower, what should you do?

After each usage, you should run the snow blower for a short while to clear off any remaining snow and to prevent the auger or impeller from freezing up. In order to prevent rust and corrosion from being caused by melting snow and ice, you should dust off the machine and then dry it with a cloth.

Is it safe to store a snowblower in the open air?
You may be thinking, "Can I keep my snowblower outside if I have a home that is on the smaller side or one that does not have a garage or shed?" The answer is yes; you may securely keep your snowblower outside by raising it so that it is not in contact with the ground, shutting up the snow thrower, and covering the unit with a sturdy...


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