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Top 2 Best Commercial Snow Blowers in 2023 [June Update]

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  Jun 8, 2023 12:58 AM

In this post, we'll take a look at the two top commercial snow blowers on the market for 2022, as chosen by SfCutters Reviews.

For your convenience, we have included a table that ranks and compares all available product versions.

Top 2 Best Commercial Snow Blowers in 2022

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    The SfCutters Reviews AI Score rating method was established by our skilled group of professionals. Our SfCutters Reviews tool gives each product a score between 0 and 10 based on the information that was obtained. There is no connection or influence between the websites of any manufacturer or sales agency and this score in any way. Learn more

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Buying gudie

Seven factors should be taken into account when choosing a commercial snowblower:

One, dependability must come first.
It's important to understand the components that go into making a snow blower before you buy one. Do not use a plastic snow blower. Invariably opt for steel-made versions. Dig deeper and learn more about the steel thickness and quality of the brands supplied at snow blower dealerships. For instance, the steel used to construct commercial snow thrower models is typically not recycled. There are significant design differences amongst snow blower brands, despite the fact that they all share certain common components like handlebars, housings, chutes, etc. For instance, Ariens upgraded the handlebar geometry on its professional versions from tubes to welded, thicker steel because of the force that is applied to the handlebars when turning under large snow loads.

Force equals velocity
A high-powered snow blower may quickly propel large amounts of snow a considerable distance. A snow blower's productivity increases in direct proportion to its throwing speed. Once advertised by its horsepower rating, a snow blower's engine is now more commonly advertised by its cubic centimeter (CC) rating. The displacement of a given engine is equal to the product of the diameter of the cylinder times the distance the piston(s) travels through it (the stroke) (the bore). A bigger displacement can be achieved by combining a longer stroke with a larger bore. A snow blower's power increases linearly with its engine displacement. All Ariens Professional snow blower models are powered by 420 CC engines, which is able to clear 102 tons of snow per hour with the 36-inch model. To give you an idea of how far this snow thrower can go, consider that most of the smaller home Sno-Thro® models in Ariens' portfolio have around half as much displacement.

3. Functions that save energy
There are a lot of "bells and whistles" touted by snow blower manufacturers, but which ones should you prioritize when shopping for a professional-grade machine? Those that matter most improve productivity by allowing experts to:
faster job site coverage shorter workdays and less downtime for repairs
The question then becomes, what exactly are these "efficiency features"?

A snow thrower with a hydrostatic drive can change speeds without needing to stop and exchange gears. Hydrostatic snow blowers include a lever that may be moved forward or backward to vary the driving speed of the snow blower while it is in motion. As opposed to friction-drive machines, which have to come to a complete stop in order to change gears, this one doesn't have to.

Fuel-efficient, quick-starting, and low-hassle to maintain, snow blowers with electronic fuel injection (EFI) are a time- and energy-saver all around. The first EFI was released by Ariens a few years ago. With EFI, the engine can be started with less effort thanks to a computer that determines the optimum fuel and air combination. That's why most EFI snow blowers will fire up on the first pull of the cord. When compared to a carbureted/traditional snow blower engine, EFI engines are more fuel efficient and can go for longer on the same quantity of fuel. Cutting down on fuel stops saves time and money. Oxidized gasoline can convert into a gel that clogs the fuel system in carbureted (non-EFI) engines. We suggest filling the gasoline tank with a high-quality fuel stabilizer to stop oxidation. In the event that the fuel system becomes clogged, the engine will not start. If this happens, your customers will look elsewhere for snow removal services, and you will be left with the repair costs and the lost business. Fuel oxidation is not a problem for snow blowers with electronic fuel injection, therefore you may skip those precautions. Find out why EFI snow blowers are so advantageous.

Versatility in maneuvering
Maneuverability is another crucial consideration when making a purchase; tight turns on small paths and a late-night coating of freezing rain are just two examples. Fortunately, Ariens has a snow blower with a three-in-one technology called RapidTrakTM, allowing customers to select between enhanced maneuverability, increased traction, and improved scraping. Both the 28-inch and 32-inch Ariens Professional snow blowers come equipped with the innovative RapidTrak track snow blower, making them suitable for use on both level and incline surfaces, such as driveways. Track mode gives you more traction at the same speed as a wheel unit, while wheel mode gives you more control. Dig-in mode tilts the auger housing downward, facilitating a more efficient scraping motion in dense snow.

Fifth, Physical Dimensions Are Important
Big equipment isn't always necessary, especially in crowded cities. Commercial single-stage snow blowers are sometimes the only viable alternative when working in tight spaces where two-stage snow blowers would be impractical. The Ariens Professional 21 is the ideal little snow blower for professionals removing light to moderate snowfalls in smaller places, with the power, strength, dependability, and longevity of its bigger counterparts. The Ariens Pro 21 is built to last on several work sites thanks to its all-steel structure and its ability to survive being thrown around in a truck or trailer bed. High-wear, thick paddles may be used repeatedly with minimal maintenance. The Pro 21's unique handlebar shape makes it easy for a single person to load and unload the bike onto and from a truck bed. In addition, the unit's easily-reachable engine makes routine maintenance like oil changes a breeze.

Differences between a brush and a blade, number six
Commercial power brushes are frequently preferable for removing lighter and slushier snowfalls in locations with greater human activity, such as cities and college campuses, due to power brush discharge, which is generally low to the ground, lighter, and more uniformly disseminated. Their high-strength nylon bristles furthermore guarantee a spotless sweep to the bottom. Ariens power brushes are developed with the same cutting-edge technology as Ariens Sno-Thro snow blowers, so you can expect the same level of performance and dependability from both. The brush heads on the 28 and 36-inch versions may be tilted 20 degrees in any direction, allowing the user to clean in a variety of challenging spaces. The Hydro Brush 36 is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission, making it possible to change speeds without stopping the machine, just like certain professional snow blower models.


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