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The Best Gas Pole Saws of January 2023: Reviews & Rankings 2023

SfCutter Team Member
  Jun 8, 2023 10:50 AM

If you have a large number of tall trees on your property, you will need to prune them often. The pruning of branches not only helps you preserve the scenery, but it also prevents your property from being harmed by the trees.

We comprehend the difficulties connected with purchasing the item. It makes sense in this situation to perform study on gas pole saws. We decided to assist you in order to prevent you from being ripped off while purchasing the best gas pole saw. 
This article is dedicated to the gas pole saw, and it has a buying guide that will make it simpler for you to choose the best gas pole saw.


1. MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw

Maxtra makes one of the most popular gas pole saws on the market. It is a highly efficient saw in terms of gas consumption. You can depend on the structure's durability and solid construction. The shaft system is simply adjustable, and the greatest length available is 11,2 feet. 

It should be mentioned that you will be able to reach a height of 15 feet due to the addition of the user's height. The saw does not vibrate excessively, allowing you to maintain your balance on the ground. The engine is powerful and durable. It features a 42.7 cc displacement, and the eco-friendly design ensures that emissions are kept to a minimum.

The saw can readily chop through branches measuring between 7 and 9 inches in thickness. Additionally, this saw is compatible with several other instruments. It will be compatible with brush cutters, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, and edgers. Free portable bag is included with every order, allowing you to effortlessly transport the items. The bag is also helpful for storing the saw in the garage.


  • This gas pole saw comes with a one-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

  • The saw is both robust and equipped with a strong engine.

  • The tool may be used for a variety of other tasks, and it comes with a complimentary bag.


  • Some customers found this gas-powered pole saw to be quite loud.

2. PROYAMA 26cc 5 in 1 Trimming Tool

Here is another excellent gas-powered pole saw on the market. This saw is equipped with an EPA-certified gas engine that consumes less fuel and emits fewer pollutants. It is possible to modify many angles on the saw, which is a 5-in-1 set. It is a string trimmer, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, pruner, and pole chainsaw. 

Additionally, the brand includes earplugs, a shoulder strap, a face shield, and gloves with each purchase. The saw's extension ranges between 8.2 and 11.4 feet. The length of cut is 12 inches.

This saw's 26 cc engine provides sufficient power. This gas pole saw set also includes a tool kit, which may be used for a variety of modifications. It takes only a few moments to extend the saw and complete the configuration. 

With a tank capacity of 700 ml, the saw can operate for extended periods of time without running out of fuel. Overall, the saw is fairly dependable; you should give it a try.


  • This saw comes with a one-year guarantee as well.

  • EPA certification indicates that the engine emits fewer greenhouse emissions.

  • It serves as a string trimmer, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, pruner, and pole chainsaw.


  • Nothing we could discern.

3. ECHO 12 in. 25.4cc Gas Engine Telescoping In-Line Handle Pole Pruner

If you are seeking for a gas-powered pole saw with a long bar and chain, this product might be the appropriate choice. This saw is equipped with a 25.4 cc engine and a rubber-coated handle. The driving shaft is well protected, and the 12 foot extension provides it a great deal of range. 

Aluminum is used for the primary framework, which keeps the weight low. The chain tensioner is accessible from the side and performs admirably. This saw weighs a total of 17 pounds and is also well-balanced. Using this gas-powered pole saw, you may effortlessly cut the 15-foot-tall branch.

There are no quality concerns, and the engine runs pretty smoothly. The engine can be started quickly, and the choke is also quite useful. It takes a few seconds to remove air from the carburetor, ensuring that the engine operates continually. Overall, the saw is of superior quality, and you should give it a try. If you are interested in learning more about this gas pole saw, visit the Amazon page related with this offering.


  • The saw's reach may be increased to 12 feet.

  • It boasts a strong and environmentally friendly 25.4 cc engine.

  • The saw is well-balanced, and many accessories may be attached to it.


  • Some individuals find it to be quite noisy.

4. Husqvarna 525PT5S 12 inch 25.4 cc Telescopic 156 inch Pole Saw

If you are seeking for a cost-effective choice, you may also consider the Husqvarna saw. This sab has a 13-foot extension and will provide you with maximum reach. The extension on this saw is the longest on the list, allowing you to reach branches 17 feet away. In addition to this, the saw is beautifully balanced. The weight has decreased, and the saw now weighs just 15.43 pounds.

The 25.4 cc engine provides power on demand and also creates substantial torque. Since the engine is compact, it is lighter and produces less pollutants. The rear of the engine is protected, which lessens wear and strain. The automated chain lubricator on this saw extends the life of the chain.


  • This saw is equipped with automated chain lubrication.

  • The maximum height of the saw is 13 feet.

  • The engine of the saw is powerful, and the saw is reasonably priced.


  • There are no warranty details available.

5. Poulan Pro PR28PS, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 8 in. Pole Saw

At number seven, we have a Poulan gas pole saw. This saw has a two-stroke 28 cc engine. Additionally, it features an 8-inch bar at the end for cutting branches. The engine of the saw is both very efficient and simple to start. The exclusive SureFire technology enables the engine to start on the very first attempt.

 Another advantage of purchasing this pole saw is its portability. The metallic alloy utilized to construct the saw offers it structural integrity. The fuel system also prevents fuel from being wasted. The dual feel also guarantees that the engine operates without interruption even if you are constantly moving.

Credit for the convenience of the engine's Prime, Choke, and Pull operations goes to the technology utilized in its creation. The technology of spring-assisted starters is a boon. The saw's auto-return stop button is another feature that contributes to its popularity. The switch automatically resets to the on position, making it simple to start the gas pole saw. This saw's purge mechanism is highly effective at eliminating air from the carburetor.


  • The saw is built of metal alloy, which reduces its weight while increasing its structural strength.

  • It features a reliable gasoline delivery system.

  • The engine of this gas-powered pole saw is powerful.


  • Nothing of the kind.

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Should I get an electric or gas-powered pole saw?

It depends on your desired outcome. If you're searching for an eco-friendly saw, the electric pole saw is the way to go. The issue with electric pole saws, though, is that they will seem underpowered. The weight of gas pole saws is similarly evenly distributed, and they are typically more robust. 

You have greater freedom with the gas pole saw since you do not have to worry about charging or run time. Consequently, if you just need to use your pole saw sometimes, you may go for an electric pole saw, but if you want a tamed beast, you should get a gas-powered pole saw.

Can I cut thick limbs with the gas-powered pole saw?

The greatest branch thickness that can be cut with a pole saw depends on the specifications of the saw being used. You must see the user manual for specifics. 

Nevertheless, regardless of how strong your gas pole saw is, you must never attempt to cut branches thicker than 8 inches. If the tree branches are thicker than eight inches, you must contact a professional service.

How should I maintain the gas-powered pole saw?

Gas pole saw maintenance is quite simple. You might begin by inspecting the chain oil reservoir and ensuring that it contains sufficient oil prior to use. Then, you may search for loose screws and nuts. 

Tighten them and search for worn-out components that require replacement. You may also examine the bladea€TMs sharpness, followed by an examination of the chain tension on the saw. Ensure that the correct type of fuel is used in the gas pole saw.

Why is there so much smoke coming from my gas pole?

Lack of ventilation is the most typical reason for a smoking gas pole saw. Check the air filter for cleanliness. Additionally, examine the optimal engine speed. The following step is to inspect the engine's oil. 

An excessive amount of oil or contaminants in the fuel can also cause excessive smoke. Lack of oil in the chain oil reservoir is another potential cause of the smoke. Additionally, the chain tension must be correct. Finally, check that no debris is in touch with the chain. Frequently, wood chips can produce smoke and an odor of burning.


You should already know what you need to purchase to complete the task. You can review the recommendations once again and select one of those goods. You can also view the product's comprehensive specifications by visiting the Amazon page connected with the item. We hope that our article was helpful and that you locate the best gas pole saws soon.

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